Friday, January 2, 2009


The sky is gorgeous and stormy - full of that light that only comes in the afternoon full of pacific northwest rain and sun reflecting of of industrial buildings looming with their non-descriptive boxiness. Its January 2. I've been thinking for a few days about the possibility in a new year and what my intentions should be. Last years were modest, but I accomplished them - this makes me want to think bigger. I feel the world fresh with possibility. I am unfocused at work - more so than usual - and am spending the afternoon listening to a long last band and thinking about art projects and realizing that its been much, much too long since i last updated this blog. I have a new digital camera now (thank you Erik's step parents) and really no excuses. Perhaps that should be my first intention - update the daily art blog - maybe not everyday, but certainly more than 24 times a year. once a week seems like a worthy goal.
and to post pictures. tonight or tomorrow.

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  1. Way to state a goal and then follow through. I cannot wait to see the daily art. Or at least weekly, bimonthly, whatever.

    I stare out at those boxy buildings too and try to find some beauty in them. And just when I think there is absolutely nothing even interesting or redeeming about them, a pigeon or two comes along.

    We need to go to that yarn store.