Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Painting finished (for my Nana)

Its been a hectic month. I moved into a new apartment, entered a new decade and drove to the coast for my art opening at Coos Art Museum. It was a great turnout and a really lovely show full of 60+ talented painters from several western states. Images of the exhibition are now available online, but of course art always looks better in person.

I haven't quite decided on a title yet, but this painting is very inspired my Nana and was conceived as an elegy to her. It is my second elegy painting, the first

elegy: to the last great green mountain man was painted in 2007.

elegy to the last great green mountain man

oil on canvas


Its always hard for me to decide when a painting is finished, especially as reworking is such a huge part of my process. I could rework details for years, but learning when to stop is an important lesson. So I'm posting this painting with a caveat...its most likely finished (but I might make a few small changes after I let it sit a little longer)

here's a detail view:

Sunday, April 5, 2009

more silverpoint

I really need to find a better way to photograph these. Suggestions anyone?

One Large and one small-ish.

large, 22x30in, Silverpoint on Watercolor Paper

small, 8x10ish, Silverpoint on Domestic Etch


another detail

the evolution of a painting

A big part of my painting process is to start with the kernel of an idea, then work and rework and rework a painting, adding layers, taking shapes out, putting shapes back in until there's some semblance of a finished painting (how's that for a process, and a run-on sentence). I've been taking paintings of my latest painting, and I thought it might be interesting to show them. Its not quite finished yet, but I think its pretty close.

So here's are some before and after pictures. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me how self-indulgent I've become.