Wednesday, October 14, 2009

112 and counting

This week, I got back into the swing of studio time by lining paintchips up end to end on a larger wall. There are 350 different colored paintchips, and i've sewn nested shapes on just about 1/3rd of them so far. When I started, I never thought it would turn into such a large project, but I hope in the next few months to really have a wall covered in sewn paintchips, arranged in some logical way. Right now they're arranged numerically by the top stripe color. Its got some starts and stops, some fairly substantial gaps, and strangely quite a few repeats...but its an interesting way to ascribe some order to them without arranging just by color. I think its mostly working, at least as a starting point, and I'm hoping once I'm finished that there will be an interesting gradation achieved by that first striped line.

On to the pictures:

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