Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i think i gave myself a pushpin blister....

Yikes. The good news is I have 24 more sewn paintchips to add to the collection, giving me a total of 61. I'm making good progress on that wall of paintchips, and the larger the collection grows, the more exciting it looks. Here are some pictures.

24 new sewn paintchips

24 new sewn paintchips (detail)

The beginning of a wall full of paintchips.

61 sewn paintchips arranged in a grid (view 1)

61 sewn paintchips arranged in a grid (view 2)

p.s. - My 2nd post in the past week. I've got another silverpoint drawing almost finished, so depending on my ability to get into the studio later this week, it might just be three.

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