Monday, March 23, 2009

silverpoint drawing & a day at the beach

It was a productive weekend. Saturday I drove to the beach and took lots of pictures of waves, and cave walls and weathered logs. Sunday i spent most of the day in the studio finishing the my second large silverpoint drawing and making good headway on a large painting. The whole experience was marred only slightly by the gash on my right index finger where a potato got away from me while making potato leek soup.

Now for the pictures (I'm having a hard time getting the silverpoint to show up bright, and am losing detail correcting in photoshop, they are much lovelier in person I think)

beach pictures:

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  1. You seem to take beach pictures like mine! Rarely are there frames of the "typical" expansive landscape on my camera (only if it really grabs my attention). I'm all about the texture, and the detail, of the little things most people don't notice.