Tuesday, November 2, 2010

another place to see my work

So I put a bunch of work Saatchi online tonight, and in the midst of trying to describe the kinds of paintings I've been making lately this spewed out. It seems right, this body of work is about the things I like to spend time looking at, and in a very roundabout way a comment on the struggle to find that balance between urban/rural/wild. I'm drawn to the kinds of places where that exist on those edges. I've long admired the beauty found in abadoned buildings and at the waters edge.

i make paintings. this series is a reflection of my fascination with the spaces where land/sea, nature/built environment overlap and try to co-exist. i'm smitten with the coast, the columbia river gorge, rivers of all sizes, mountains in the distance, broken down buildings, bridges, rain drops, trees, rock and earthen layers, pictorial logic & waves.

I'm headed down to the basement studio to clean and organize and make it more work friendly and hopefully work on a new little painting.

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