Monday, July 13, 2009

sometimes the out-takes are the loveliest

Photographing my work last night, I came across this picture that I'm pretty sure I didn't even mean to take. Its lovely.

I've been making progress on a new painting (I think its getting close to done), and I've been thinking a lot of this piece and the last being the nexus for a new body of work, inspired by the combination of water and the built environment, and my long held desire to live in a little house near water. I've been seeking out the ocean more & more in the last few months (loving that I'm a fairly easy drive away). Walking to the slough on my lunch break, watching the Willamette every morning as I take my dog to the park. I feel a connection with water and the space around it, and keep seeing these wonderfully decrepit boats along roadways and in yards. Finding myself drawn to time ravaged buildings, 1850s anatomical drawings & maps of waterways and highways and tidal charts I don't know how to read. One of my favorite ways of creating is to fill myself up with looking and see what happens.

a house by the sea
oil on canvas

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